My names Tiffany, but everyone calls me Tweedy. Im 19 , live in boston & Ive been taken since 04.20.09 my boyfriends my other half. he's the male version of me:) This Blog contains lil piece's that makeup my life, It can explain me way more then my mouth ever will. My life revoles around my lovely boyfriend of 3+ years, working, the gym,& my friends/partying. Lifes too short not to be a lil wiild&crazy;-* I dont judge, you shouldnt either. ;-*
refresh ask mine

Already ready for Friday 👍🙈 #bacardi #gold #handle #bomb #instalove #instadrunk #shitshow @lolabby_

Already ready for Friday 👍🙈 #bacardi #gold #handle #bomb #instalove #instadrunk #shitshow @lolabby_

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